Friday, July 22, 2011

Profit in Blogging- Part 2

So i started to talk about choosing a topic for your blog. Something that you enjoy and wouldn't mind always writing about it. You need dedication if you really want this to work.

I've learned that, to build up readership it takes time. This is where you'll be making your money.

I never thought blogging you could make enough money to not work anywhere else. But i was wrong. Very wrong my friends. There are bloggers making a six-figure income; some even seven-figure. It's amazing the limitless abilities you have available at your finger tips.

First step to making money blogging is to set up a blog. is a free blogging site.

Second step is to start writing. I recommend at least 3 times a week. To do that you must be consistent on  writing three times a week rather than 15 times in 4-5 weeks. Readers love consistency which builds a better foundation for your relationship with your readers.

Readers love a blog that's updated all the time, it's a proven fact.  Now just make a commitment, start writing and make some money!

Profit in Blogging?

These past few years i been researching on how to make money online or making money from home. I think i have spent over $600 buying into all the marketing. Spending my free time online and doing whatever work it took, but seeing no result.

Recently i had my son in April and it was a life change for me. I met an amazing guy, who i had a beautiful son with, but now i have realized i can't go back to working at my old job as a night bartender. I want to move ahead in my life. I am twenty-four years of age and all i want is to be the best mom & wife i can be. To make sure i make the most of my time with both of them.

I came across through some blogs on how to make an actual profit from blogging. Since i love to write i fell in love with the idea of this. I truly just wanted to figure out something i could do to bring to our family and still get to spend time home and watch my son grow.

I am no professional at the moment, but I'm hoping to be eventually and would love to share with you as i learn more. Right now, the first step is to be dedicated. If you're not in this for the long run then don't waste your time. You won't be a millionaire over night or make a quick buck. Know that posting a few blogs isn't going to roll in the cash. Far from it!

First Step. Choosing a blog topic and the actual writing of
the blog. These are important to understand and you must have in place before
just jumping ahead to making money blogging. Because, as we all know,
if you don’t have traffic, you can blog all day, but you’ll never make
a penny.

We'll talk more in a bit....