Sunday, February 26, 2012

I've been behind in posting

I would like to apologize to my reader's. I went on a cleaning rampage at my house these past weeks, so I haven't been putting the time I would like to in my blog. I also have been reading a lot and trying to get organized. I realize my focus is on being a mom and still bringing an income home to my family. So the idea of working from home by being a blogger, hub writer, freelance writer, whatever you would call it. I want to share with others the possibilty of being able to raise your family and still help pay the bills so we do not have to struggle.

I think this past year has really shown me that being a new mom is a live changing experience and you really don't know what to expect, no matter how hard you tried to prepare for it. It was a roller coaster ride till recently and now more than ever love being the best mom I can. I have been learning crafting, cooking, couponing, focusing towards self-growth.

I will start to share so much with you all and do the best I can to explain how. I always wanted to help people in positive ways so I feel this is going to be my calling. No more skipping out on posts. I'll share all my deals and ideas with you. It's possible to make money from home writing but it takes real work.

Thanks for coming back everyone! XoX