Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dollar Tree Deals for week 1/15 to 1/28

There are some special goodies at the Dollar Tree this month. I'm always there because it's only two blocks from me.

Remember that the Dollar Tree does not have a coupon policy because they do not take any forms of coupons. Not even manufacturers! Now that being said, everything in the store is $1 (some even less) but nothing is over the price of $1. Their ads come out around once a month and they always have all kinds of stuff that's great quality, even great gift ideas when you put stuff together.

Everything's $1
Progresso Soup, 9oz.
Bugle's, 4oz.
T.G.I. Fridays Snacks, potato skins and onion rings
Nestle' Theatre boxed Candy; Crunch, Butterfinger, Sno Caps, Goobers

Glass Vases
Glassware: Beer Mugs, Heavy Duty Scooners, 16oz.
Glassware: Wine glass, heavy glass, assorted redwine or lightwine
Assorted Photo Frames
Valentine's Day Decorations

Health/ Body Care:
Luden's Throat Drops, 20-ct
Advil or Aleve Pain Reliever, 6-ct
Digital Thermometer
Scotties Tissue, 132-ct
Snoopy Baby Wipes, 70-ct
White Rain Shampoo or Conditioner
Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste 2.8 oz.
Dial Bar Soap, 2-pk
Softsoap hand soap, 6oz.
Airwick Airfresheners, 6oz.

Want the full list?


Free Canvas Print 8x10

   Look what came around again. At CanvasPeople.com they are giving away free 8x10 Canvas' Prints when you just pay the shipping which runs about $14.95! The canvas prints usually cost anywhere from $50-$100 (depending on the size you choose). If you don't know what a canvas print is allow me to explain. When you select a photo and have it turned into canvas (similar to a painting canvas).
   Last time this deal came around I forgot to write it in my planner and totally missed it. I was bummed because I really wanted one of my son. He's 9 months now and before he gets any bigger, I'm trying to take as many pictures as I can of him. Changing his outfit twenty times, just to snap my camera. Then today I see this; I got really excited and ordered mine about 30 minutes ago because I didn't want to forget this time. These canvas prints are so expensive normally. So I figure every time they have a great deal on canvas prints, I'll just buy one then eventually I'll have a collage of timeless canvas photo art. I can't wait to decorate!

Thanks, Kelly at IHaveACouponForThat.com!


Staples Deals for week 1/22/12 to 1/28/12

$1 Items:
Staples 5.5"x4.25" Fat Memo Book, 200 sheets (reg. $2.79)
Staples Mini Stapler (reg. $2.99)
Staples Fashion Notebook and Compostion Book ($1.99-$2.49)
Staples Binder Clips, assorted colors (reg. $4.29)
Pentel R.S.V.P. ballpoint pens ($3.99)
RoseArt Colored Pencils, 15-pk ($1.99)
5.5"x8.5" Dry-erase Board (reg. $2.99)
Staples 5"x8" Writing Pad, assorted prints and rulings (reg. $1.49)
Staples Memo Clipboard (reg. $1.99)
Paper Expanding Envelope, letter size, assorted designs (reg. $2.49)
BIC Briteliner Grip, assorted colors (reg. $4.49)
Zebra #2 0.7mm Black Mechanical Pencils, 10-pk (reg. $4.29)
Staples Mini Writing Pads, 3.5"x5.25", yellow (reg. $1.99)

$2 Items:
HammerMill 8.5"x11" CopyPlus copy paper, 500-ct (limit 2), $3.99 Mail-in-Rebate ($2 after rebate)
Oops! Sidewinder Correction Tape, 2-pk (reg. $4.49)
Ticonderoga #2 presharpened pencils, 18-pk (reg. $4.99)
Staples Poly Zip Envelope, letter size (reg. $2.99)
Staples Memo Pads (reg. $4.99)
Roselle Drawing Pad, 9"x12", 40-sheets ($2.79)
Post-It Die-cut Notes, 2-pk (reg. $2.99)

$3 Items:
Quartlet 6"x6" Quark Tiles, 4-pk (reg. $4.99)
Plastic File Crate (reg. $5.99)
Signa Letter Size Pads with Pen, 2-pk (reg. $5.99)
Twin-Wire 6"x8" Journal, assorted patterns (reg. $5.99)
Kleenex Standard Facial Tissues, 2-pk
Learning Board, dry-erase (reg. $5.29)

$4 Items:
Post-It 2"x2" Mini Cubes, 2-pk (reg. $5.29)
Zebra Pen and Mechanical pencil value packs

$5 Items:
Staples 5-tab Hanging File Folders, letter size, standard green, 25-pk (reg. $6.99)
Staples 3-tab Manilla File Folders, letter size, 100-pk (reg. $6.99)
Staples Pastels 8.5"x11" colored paper, $3.79 Mail-in-Rebate
Westcott 8" Economy Scissors, 3-pk (reg. $8.99)
3" Poly Expanding Wallet (reg. $6.79)
Pentel Wow! Retractable Ballpoint Pens, medium, 18-pk (reg. $8.79)
5.25"x8" Journal with Elastic Closure, assorted colors (reg. $8.99)

Happy Savings this week! Stay dry.

-B. Alice