Saturday, July 13, 2013

2013 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule

2013 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule
*This schedule may vary by state/ region by insert type and coupon amount.

1/6 – Redplum (2), Smartsource (3), Target
1/13 – Redplum, Smartsource
1/20 – Smartsource
1/27 – Redplum, Smartsource

2/3 – Redplum, Smartsource, Procter & Gamble
2/10 – Redplum, Smartsource
2/17 – Redplum
2/24 – Smartsource

3/3 – Redplum, Smartsource, Procter & Gamble
3/10 – Redplum, Smartsource
3/17 – Redplum, Smartsource
3/24 – Redplum, Smartsource
3/31 – No Inserts

4/7 – Redplum, Smartsource, Procter & Gamble
4/14 – Redplum
4/21 – Smartsource
4/28 – Redplum, Smartsource

5/5 – Redplum, Smartsource, Procter & Gamble
5/12 – Redplum, Smartsource
5/19 – Redplum, Smartsource
5/26 – No Inserts

6/2 – Redplum, Smartsource, Procter & Gamble
6/9 – Smartsource
6/16 – Redplum, Smartsource
6/23 – Redplum, Smartsource
6/30 – Redplum

7/7 – Procter & Gamble
7/14 – Redplum, Smartsource
7/21 – Smartsource
7/28 – Redplum, Smartsource

8/4 – Redplum, Smartsource, Procter & Gamble
8/11 – Redplum, Smartsource
8/18 – Redplum, Smartsource
8/25 – Redplum, Smartsource

9/1 – Procter & Gamble
9/8 – Redplum, Smartsource
9/15 – Redplum, Smartsource
9/22 – Smartsource
9/29 – Redplum, Smartsource

10/6 – Redplum, Smartsource, Procter & Gamble
10/13 – Redplum, Smartsource
10/20 – Procter & Gamble, Smartsource
10/27 – Redplum, Smartsource

11/3 – Redplum, Smartsource
11/10 – Redplum, Smartsource
11/17 – Redplum, Smartsource
11/24 – Redplum, Smartsource

12/1 – Procter & Gamble
12/8 – Redplum, Smartsource
12/15 – Redplum, Smartsource
12/22 – No Inserts
12/29 – Procter & Gamble

Resources: - a great website where you can view your local sunday paper coupon inserts all on one page. 

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