Monday, September 5, 2011

Get Proctor & Gamble free samples & coupons, Just with your address!

“Proctor & Gamble gives free samples to their products plus coupons for free?”

Yes,  just sign up for Proctor & Gamble’s Coupon Book called “Gather Together”. Every 30-days P&G sends samples and a coupon booklet that has more than $35 worth of free coupons. Just sign up here, then give them your address so they can start sending you samples and coupons to save with.
For the returning members, don’t forget to sign-in here and request your new booklet for the month!

“Is there a catch? Do I have to give a credit card or personal information?”

No, they do not ask for more than your name, address, e-mail and the information that you set-up to log-in. Remember that you should never give any SS# or credit card information for something that is offered  for free