Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Printable Coupon for King Hawaiian Sweet Bread

King Hawaiiain has released a high value coupon of their's for $1/1 Off a King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread  (that is printable right now). This is not for the 4-pack but you can use it on either the 12-pack or the Round Bread Loaf. These packs usually run around $3.99... so my recommendation is to wait till they go on sale for $2.49 for the 12-pack and use the $1/1 off coupon, get it here. You get the pack for a $1.49, good deals! My boyfriend loves this bread so those prices I look for when shopping.

*Hint: If there's a Walmart near you, these are usually $2.00- $2.49 around me. So use your coupon there if you have one near by and if you don't mind shopping there (some are against shopping at Walmart which is respectfully their choice).