Friday, May 11, 2012

iGo Battery Charger plus 8 batteries for only $9.99

Here's a great deal on a iGo green battery charger, that includes eight (8) batteries that you can recharge and use over and over again! It includes a one (1) year warranty. Each iGo battery replaces a normal battery up to 100 times (of use). After only three (3) charges, the batteries pay for themselves. I got two (2) for all my son's toys. Save me some money! Woo hoo!

We all know we are guilty of buying batteries for our kid's toys, electronics, remotes, etc. Then when they go out, we toss them. But if you really think about how much you spend in batteries a year. You can save so much more by using rechargables.

Go here to order your iGo Charger and batteries.

*Price Valid until May 18, 2012