Friday, June 8, 2012

Boys will be Boys: Separation Anxiety 6 months to 4 years

My son Seth is going to be 14 months tomorrow and it feels like yesterday when I had him. It goes by so fast. I am glad I have the opportunity to spend everyday with him and enjoying every moment. 

Recently he started getting upset everytime I would leave, so I needed a solution. After getting some great advice from a specialist, I wanted to share with my readers in case they are having the same problems. I was surprised they worked, so these tips are a keeper.

First off, when a kid is seperated from their parents, they become scared and worried around new people. This is known as separation anxiety. Some kids have a big reaction and others may not react at all. Children can also react when their parents return. They may ignore you or like others cry and be upset. All of these are signs of separation anxiety.

A few tips that may help your child with separation anxiety would be:

Easing them into it. To get them use to you leaving, try telling your child or toddler that you will be going into the other room and you'll be back. Even at first if they do not understand, they will once you continue to repeat yourself. This allows your child or toddler to understand that you are leaving and will be coming back. All kids like to know what to expect.

Practice. When you first start to leave your child with another person. Practice in short time periods and not too far. This gives you the ability to run back to your little one in case of any emergencies.

Stay calm. Remember the more worried you are about leaving your child with another, your little one will sense that in you.

Hope this helps you. It did for me!