Friday, June 1, 2012

The Coupon Clipping Mom "Boys will be Boys" Series- The Beginning

 Welcome to the beginning of The Coupon Clipping Mom series: Boys will be Boys! A full guide to raising a boy with all the trial and tribulations you might face as a parent. Girls and boys are different in more ways than one, so there are going to be times where you will face situations when you can use a hand.

My son is 13-months now and it has been a roller coaster ride. I have learned so much about my little boy, it's amazing. Then to actually have the experiences, makes it even better. I love being a mom and I am extremely proud of it. My son has a wonderful dad that works really hard to take care of us.

After having Seth I had to quit my job, to become a stay at home mom. At first it was uncomfortable for me because I felt like I wasn't sure if I could it. But I found resources that helped learn to become a great mom/ parent to my little boy. From the different types of colors of poops, sleeping habits, learning curves to toys, eating schedules and so much more. I love learning about my little one, plus I get to share with all my readers, in hopes it will help them as it did for me. I also begin to start couponing, so we could save money on all the baby stuff we were needing to purchase.

Here's little Seth at 7 months smiling to the camera. It seems the more they grow the harder it is for them to stay still for a photo, but my camera phone will do :-) Keeping track of him growing has been such a blessing. I truly enjoy it even when it got tough. Just a challenge to over come and learn from. Well, I have lots more to share. I'll be posting every Friday about different subjects referring to boys, growing from babies to toddlers. Everyone, enjoy your weekend & Happy Friday!