Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tree Time

This past Friday we got out tree for Christmas. Last year we had a fake tree for our first Christmas as a family, but this year we got our first real tree. It makes our hose smell so good. So it's officially our first Christmas together with a real tree (... he he)!

All the ornaments are from the Dollar Tree (except the top star). For as many ornaments  as we got, we only spent $27.00 for all of them plus have 5 packages (12 pieces in each) left over just as extras. The wrapping paper, ribbon and boxes are from the $0.99 Only Store. I spent $7.00 on all wrapping for presents with plenty extra. Only used two (2) rolls of wrapping paper, paying $1.98.

Checkout these stockings I found at my local $0.99 Only Store. Spent $2.97 for all three (3) stockings. The little hats attached to the hook part of the stocking are hair clips. I got a 3-pk for $0.99. I think they're so cute!

Find anything for the holidays at your local $0.99 Only Stores and/or Dollar Tree? Feel free to share it in the comments.